For the first time ever, the NxGn ranking has a category dedicated to women! Here are the 10 best young talents (born from January 1, 2001 onwards) of world football in 2020 according to the votes from journalists across the globe.

  1. Linda Caicedo | Deportivo Cali

Right in the first season of professional play, Linda Caicedo became the top scorer in Colombia and helped America de Cali Club get the first championship in history. However, she was not allowed to play in the Copa Libertadores because she was too young! Under the rules of the Copa Libertadores, players aged 16 and over are eligible to apply.

Caicedo is the youngest player to participate in Colombia’s Liga Aguila, also the youngest to become a candidate for the Player of the Year award, when he just turned 15 in February. Anyway, she is about to turn a new page of her career when preparing to join Barcelona in the future.

Mr. Rafael Murillo, President of America de Cali Club commented that ever since she came here, they felt something very special. A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of such a young player. However, she still knows how to move forward and meet her expectations.

  1. Yuzuki Yamamoto | NTV Beleza

Having achieved 4 goals on the way to the final of the 2019 Asian U19 Women’s Football Championship, Yuzuki Yamamoto made an extremely strong impression before the decisive confrontation with North Korea. She insists she always wants to score and will continue to score in the next match. Her powerful words became a reality. This is also the fifth time that Yamamoto has found an opponent’s net after only four appearances since the beginning of the tournament.

When asked about his future ambitions, Yamamoto did not hesitate to say that she would like to be called up to the national team. She wants to appear in the World Cup and become a champion. These are still the words of determination of the 17-year-old girl, and certainly, that is not impossible!