Laure Boulleau – $ 60,000 / season

PSG players and the French team were honored at the FIFA 2016 awards ceremony.

Jonelle Filigno – $ 60,000 / season

Jonelle Filigno represents the Canadian team for the 2016 Olympics, winning the 2012 London Olympic Medal.

Hope Solo – $ 65,000 / season

The goalie of the American team won the gold medal in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. She was awarded the title of the best goalkeeper in the world four times in a row by IFFHS (World Federation of Statistics and Football History).

Nilla Fischer – $ 67,500 / season

The Swedish international is playing for VFL Wolfsburg (Germany).

Amandine Henry – $ 70,000 / season

The French national beauty played for Portland Thorns FC at the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), USA.

Nicole Banecki – $ 90,000 / season

The 28-year-old is a member of SC Freiburg Club and the German team. Her highest achievement was winning the 2008 World Cup bronze medal.

Leroux – $ 90,000 / season

The player is a member of FC Kansas City club. She played for Canada U19 before becoming a U20 player and the US team. Besides, Leroux also has income from marketing for Nike and Nestle

Abby Wambach – USD 300,000 / season

Wambach attended 4 World Cups and 3 Olympic Games. She holds the record as the highest scorer for the US national team with 184 goals. She is currently a coach and coach at the MagicJack Club (USA).

Alex Morgan – $ 450,000 / season

Alex Morgan is the Miss of female football. She is playing for the Lyon Olympic Club. She won the 2012 Olympic gold medal and won the 2015 World Cup with the US team.

Marta Vieira da Silva – USD 500,000 / season

Marta Vieira da Silva is a member of the Swedish club FC Rosengård, where she receives $ 500,000 / season.

Marta is considered the legend of Brazilian women’s football when she has 15 goals at World Cups. The striker had five titles of FIFA Player of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.