AFC Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament is the fifth of the Asian Summer Olympic Women’s Qualifying Round.

The tournament is organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to identify Asian national teams attending the Olympic football tournament.

The top two teams of the tournament qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics women’s soccer tournament in Japan as AFC representatives.

Japan is specially invited to the 2020 Summer Olympics as the host country.



There are a total of 25 member nations of the Asian Football Confederation that qualify. The formula is as follows:

  • First round: Except Japan, the five teams with the highest rankings on the FIFA Women’s Football Rankings in June 2018 are Australia, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, China, South Korea, and Thailand – given go straight to the third round. The next two teams – Vietnam and Uzbekistan – made it to the second round. The remaining 18 teams were divided into two groups: four teams and two teams of five. Each table is organized in a host country. The top two teams in each group and the third team with the best results make it to the next round.
  • Round two: Twelve teams are divided into three groups of four, each playing in a host country. The top teams advance to the next round.
  • Third round: Eight teams are divided into two groups of four teams. Each group competes in a host country. The first and second teams of each group will advance to the final round (4 teams remain).
  • Final round: The top teams in the third round meet the second-placed teams of the remaining group in the away format. The top two teams qualify for the Olympics.


Table A

  • February 3, 2020: North Korea vs. Myanmar
  • February 3, 2020: South Korea vs. Vietnam
  • February 6, 2020: Myanmar vs. South Korea
  • February 6, 2020: Vietnam vs. Korea DPR
  • February 9, 2020: DPR Korea vs. South Korea
  • February 9, 2020: Vietnam vs. Myanmar

Table B

  • February 3, 2020: Australia vs. China Taipei
  • February 3, 2020: China vs. Thailand
  • February 6, 2020: China Taipei vs. China
  • February 6, 2020: Thailand vs. Australia
  • February 9, 2020: Australia vs. China
  • February 9, 2020: Thailand vs. China Taipei

Final round

The final round is scheduled for March 2020. The two winning teams of the final round will qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics.