Soccer Fun Facts (part 3)

2. Online football games you should try when not on the field

2.1. Funny Soccer

Your mission is to stop your opponent from scoring and trying to kick the ball into other team’s goal. It’s an international championship so that you will play against other countries. Before the game starts, please choose the country that you want to wear a shirt. Then, you have to move your character by using the left and right arrow keys, z key for heading the ball, and x for kicking. It would be best if you waited for the referee’s whistle to start the game or end the game. Try to stop your opponent and score as much as you can.

2.2. Goalkeeper Premier

If you are not good at defensive or offensive positions, why don’t you try the goalkeeper? You are the last line of defense, and you are the one on the field who can touch the ball by hand. In this game, you are in a real match where you can hear the applause of your fans. And, your job is protecting the goal. You have to stay focus and push the ball out of the danger zone.

It’s not too difficult to play this game. First, you can choose to play for your favorite club. You have to keep an eye on the ball and use your mouse to stop or catch the ball. If you can push the ball out of the goal, you receive one glove as a bonus. And if you can pick the ball, you get two gloves. The more gloves you can collect, the higher the reward you get. However, if you let the opposing team score, you lose all your gloves. At first, it isn’t effortless for you to move your mouse to stop the ball. But, when you get used to it, you will feel comfortable with this game and enjoy it more.

In general, football is always a favorite sport for everyone. This sport is so famous that those who are not fans of football must see a football match once.