Transgender striker Mara Gomez on December 7 realized the dream of playing professionally after a long struggle.

In January 2020, Gomez signed a contract with Villa San Carlo, the club of the Argentine women’s league. However, as a transgender, the 23-year-old striker cannot play for this club.

The picture of Mara Gomez standing next to another rookie, Ludmila Angeli, on the club’s website became a hot topic in the country of tango. Local media said the transfer was a historic event when for the first time a female transgender player played in an official Argentina Football Federation tournament.

After 11 months of fighting, Gomez convinced the Argentine Football Federation to accept that her being a transgender did not bring physical injustice or strength to female colleagues. Specifically, a blood test showed that the testosterone level of Gomez met the standard for a female athlete.

On November 28, AFA approved her to play in the women’s league in Argentina. Gomez then kicked his debut with Villa San Carlos on December 7, but lost to rival Lanus with a strong score of 1-7.

However, Gomez could not hide his joy with this pitch. She was even prepared by teammates for the number 10 shirt, the number of the idol Diego Maradona’s shirt.

This is a long road, full of troubles and worries. One of her life’s greatest goals was accomplished. The striker also thanked Villa San Carlos for giving her the opportunity to play professionally.

At a women’s tournament in La Plata, she showed high performance and continuously scored goals, thereby attracting the attention of professional football team Villa San Carlos.

In South America, Argentina is a leader in the recognition of transgender identities. They passed the law in 2012, allowing people like Gomez to change their citizenship sex when they turn 18. In this country, the life expectancy of transgender people is only 32 to 40.

Manchester United once again reached the top of the English football rankings after a sweet 1-0 win over Arsenal.

The Manchester United women’s football team has just “regretted” the men’s success last night (November 8). Last week, the MU men’s team lost 1-0 to Arsenal at Old Trafford in the 7th round of the Premier League, this week, the MU women’s team beat Arsenal 1-0 at home. The only goal of the match was scored in the 83rd minute by Toone.
More remarkable, the Arsenal women’s team is unmatched in the English women’s football championship (WSL) with 5 wins, scoring 29 goals to concede only 5 goals. Arsenal has been a real force in English women’s football for the past 30 years.

With 3 points won, MU overcame Arsenal to take the top spot. FA Women’s Super League (WSL) with 16 points after 6 games, Arsenal dropped to second with 15 points.

MU women’s football is on the way to remake and in terms of class and reputation, they are pretty far behind Arsenal. But MU started the season extremely impressively with a series of 6 unbeaten games, including 5 wins 1 draw.

Last month, MU also defeated Tottenham 1-0 to temporarily rise to the top of the table. Currently only Chelsea, the team that has just won 4-0, can dethrone the top of the MU group. Chelsea is 3 points behind MU but 1 game has not yet remained.

After the match, hero Toone shared, “It was a great feeling. It was one of the best goals I’ve ever scored in such a big game. We have made a point and show that what we are doing can compete with the big clubs.

Besides, MU coach Casey Stoney added, “It was a big win for us. Obviously beating Arsenal is important. To be honest, it was a match where I didn’t let my students enjoy for too long. MU’s goal hasn’t changed. Manchester United try to reach the Top 3 to participate in the Champions League ”.

Meanwhile, Arsenal manager Jose Montemurro said disappointedly, “I will not make any statement about us being overtaken by MU. There seemed to be a sign that we were leaving the elite team. I will let the media write what they want. Arsenal will enter the next game with all their strength ”.

Arsenal’s next game is against Chelsea, meanwhile, Manchester United will have a Manchester derby against Manchester City later this week.

Here at Fiorentina, we understand only too well the issues that exist in ladies’s football in Italy. We’re still watching for the sports activities Reform bill to be handed which would in the end convey professionalism to woman athletes.

Minister of recreation, Vincenzo Spadafora, has promised that this may be geared up by January subsequent yr. however, each person with even a touch knowledge of Italian politics will understand that this changed into never going to be a truthful system.

As long as these troubles are left unresolved, there may be constantly the danger of losing our top gamers to larger european clubs, in which women can earn a respectable salary.

This has already been written approximately and tested properly sufficient by using the Viola nation group. What I want to do, is take you back to a time while Italy become virtually a desired vacation spot of many foreign women players. However before that i will possibly surprise even extra humans through taking you to a duration whilst Italy become at the leading edge of ladies’s worldwide football.

We can cross all the way back to 1970, when of route we were nevertheless with out a Women global Cup; we’d should wait any other couple of many years for that. To understand what women’s soccer become like at that point, we can check England, now a mecca for the celebrities of the women’s sport with it’s expert league. In 1970 however, they nevertheless prohibited women gambling on any FA football. This ban could be lifted a year later, however it have been in place for 50 years. The motive- a set of girl manufacturing facility employees gambling for charity. They’d were given together at some point of the first international war, gambling exhibition suits for you to enhance money for injured British squaddies. The FA, scared by using how popular they’d grow to be, tried the usage of a few scare techniques of their personal. They hired medical examiners to announce that women had been no longer biologically built to play football, and not simplest that, but that it may cause infertility. When this failed, they determined to prohibit them absolutely from their grounds.

Returned to Italy, 1970, and right here we see, now not FIFA, but the FIEFF (Federation of Independent European Female Football) organize what they called the “Coppa del Mondo. The occasion changed into backed by liquids agency Martini, and the best reason it wasn’t a ecu opposition turned into the arrival of Mexico. The hosts made it to the very last simplest to lose out to Denmark in the front of a crowd of a mentioned 40,000 human beings in Torino. the opposite nations to take part were West Germany, England, Austria and Switzerland.

This was now not to be the give up of Unofficial International Cups for Female, and once more it changed into Italy in which it all came about. On four activities among 1984 and 1988 they hosted what they now called Mundialito or Little global Cup. Because of the reality that simplest 4 invited nations could participate in each tournament. Italy had already received a comparable opposition held in Japan in 1981, and of the 4 tournaments they hosted they had been effective in two, the other trophies going to England. other international locations that took element included West Germany, Belgium, Denmark, China, Japan and France.

In reality, performed their first ever worldwide ladies’s match right here in 1985, losing 1-0 to the hosts. Sharon McMurtry ought to have end up their first ever aim scorer, most effective to miss a penalty in that recreation. That honour would fall rather to Michelle Akers in the subsequent game, a 2-2 draw with Denmark. The prevailing Italian aim in that first US healthy changed into scored by none aside from Italian football legend Carolina Morace. A pinnacle scorer in Serie A inside the 1980’s and 90’s, she could pass on to manipulate the Italian countrywide team in 2000. Earlier than that even though, she could emerge as the primary girl to train a professional men’s group while she took fee of Serie C1 facet Viterbese. regrettably that didn’t final lengthy, now not because of effects though, but a meddling membership owner, Luciano Gaucci. He decided to put off Carolina’s trusted assistant, Betty Bavagnoli to herald his own preference, and Morace left after only 2 games in rate.

So the truth that Italy turned into this type of driving pressure behind the ladies’s global recreation, it makes sense that it might additionally be a place that many overseas gamers wished to enjoy. Football become without a doubt extra organized in Italy returned then than in places just like the UK, and ladies there realized that they might sincerely earn money here gambling the game that they loved.

The gamers and coaches wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts in warmups before the game, which was nationally televised on CBS. The players additionally knelt at some stage in a moment of silence earlier than kickoff.

“We took a knee today to protest racial injustice, police brutality and systemic racism against Black human beings and people of color in America. We love our united states of america and we have taken this opportunity to keep it to a greater standard. It is our obligation to demand that the liberties and freedoms this state was centered upon are prolonged to everyone,” the Thorns and Courage stated in a joint assertion launched before the game.

The league said the day past that it would play the countrywide anthem earlier than the Challenge Cup games and that it would help the gamers in some thing they selected to do.

The NWSL is the first professional team recreation in the United States to return amid the coronavirus outbreak. The monthlong Challenge Cup opened Saturday with a pair of games performed besides fans at Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman, Utah.

“Today, hopefully, it used to be a effective statement,” Courage midfielder Sam Mewis said. “It was an emotional time and I hope that both teams’ message comes thru clearly.”

Thorns defender Becky Sauerbrunn said: `The (players’ association) has been about participating with groups on what we can do to keep and maintain the dialog round racial injustice in this country.

“We made a sturdy announcement and we wanted to form of maintain that momentum that has been taking place and to exhibit legit dedication to the cause,” she added.

Megan Rapinoe, who performs for OL Reign but opted out of the Challenge Cup, was once criticised when she knelt at an NWSL recreation and a pair of US countrywide team games in 2016.

She said she desired to categorical cohesion with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee for the duration of the anthem to bring interest to racial inequality.

Mewis stated the teams sketch to maintain calling attention to racial injustice.

“I suppose we prefer to maintain this momentum and maintain the interest on the Black Lives Matter motion at some stage in this tournament,” she said.

For the first time ever, the NxGn ranking has a category dedicated to women! Here are the 10 best young talents (born from January 1, 2001 onwards) of world football in 2020 according to the votes from journalists across the globe.

  1. Linda Caicedo | Deportivo Cali

Right in the first season of professional play, Linda Caicedo became the top scorer in Colombia and helped America de Cali Club get the first championship in history. However, she was not allowed to play in the Copa Libertadores because she was too young! Under the rules of the Copa Libertadores, players aged 16 and over are eligible to apply.

Caicedo is the youngest player to participate in Colombia’s Liga Aguila, also the youngest to become a candidate for the Player of the Year award, when he just turned 15 in February. Anyway, she is about to turn a new page of her career when preparing to join Barcelona in the future.

Mr. Rafael Murillo, President of America de Cali Club commented that ever since she came here, they felt something very special. A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of such a young player. However, she still knows how to move forward and meet her expectations.

  1. Yuzuki Yamamoto | NTV Beleza

Having achieved 4 goals on the way to the final of the 2019 Asian U19 Women’s Football Championship, Yuzuki Yamamoto made an extremely strong impression before the decisive confrontation with North Korea. She insists she always wants to score and will continue to score in the next match. Her powerful words became a reality. This is also the fifth time that Yamamoto has found an opponent’s net after only four appearances since the beginning of the tournament.

When asked about his future ambitions, Yamamoto did not hesitate to say that she would like to be called up to the national team. She wants to appear in the World Cup and become a champion. These are still the words of determination of the 17-year-old girl, and certainly, that is not impossible!

2. Online football games you should try when not on the field

2.1. Funny Soccer

Your mission is to stop your opponent from scoring and trying to kick the ball into other team’s goal. It’s an international championship so that you will play against other countries. Before the game starts, please choose the country that you want to wear a shirt. Then, you have to move your character by using the left and right arrow keys, z key for heading the ball, and x for kicking. It would be best if you waited for the referee’s whistle to start the game or end the game. Try to stop your opponent and score as much as you can.

2.2. Goalkeeper Premier

If you are not good at defensive or offensive positions, why don’t you try the goalkeeper? You are the last line of defense, and you are the one on the field who can touch the ball by hand. In this game, you are in a real match where you can hear the applause of your fans. And, your job is protecting the goal. You have to stay focus and push the ball out of the danger zone.

It’s not too difficult to play this game. First, you can choose to play for your favorite club. You have to keep an eye on the ball and use your mouse to stop or catch the ball. If you can push the ball out of the goal, you receive one glove as a bonus. And if you can pick the ball, you get two gloves. The more gloves you can collect, the higher the reward you get. However, if you let the opposing team score, you lose all your gloves. At first, it isn’t effortless for you to move your mouse to stop the ball. But, when you get used to it, you will feel comfortable with this game and enjoy it more.

In general, football is always a favorite sport for everyone. This sport is so famous that those who are not fans of football must see a football match once. 

1. Soccer fun facts

  • The origin of soccer

In the 1850s, this game came to the U.S through New Orleans. And, it’s said that Irish and Scottish immigrants imported this game to this country. Then, it became widely famous and was played in every street in America. In 1908, soccer officially became an Olympic sport.

For those who don’t know anything about football, each team must have 11 players on the field. The number of subs is unlimited. The positions of the players are not fixed. These different positions are goalkeeper, centre-back, sweeper, fullback, wingback, centre-midfielder, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, winger, forward and striker. The jobs of each player in the field depend on the strategy of the coach. 

  • Soccer pitch

People play soccer on a particular grassy field called a pitch. This field is generally between 100 and 130 yards long and from 50 to 100 yards wide. If you only play regular soccer with your friends, you can play on any terrain. But, for any special competition, this pitch has to meet various criteria about the grass on the field, the lines, etc. Everything must be perfect.  

  • Six and ten miles

This is the average number of miles that players run in one game. Each match of football lasts 45 minutes. And, sometimes, there is extra time. So, except the goalkeepers, other players have to run around the field for 90 minutes, which requires them to have high physical strength. However, not all players have to play in 90 minutes. If the coach wants to change the strategy, he will exchange players.

2. Online football games you should try when not on the field

2.1. Funny Soccer

This game is enjoyable and comfortable. You don’t play in a team with ten other people; you will face your rival alone. 

People play sports because they want to express their passion. People practice sports because they want to improve their physical strength and their shape. And people watch sports because they can experience different feelings. Sports have existed for centuries and still stay some of the people’s pastimes. And, since online sports games appeared, people have played them with joy and excitement. All online sports games are based on real sports. Some games follow the real rules, while some have a little modification.

Soccer is played almost all over the world, with various competitions from the biggest ones like the World Cup, to different leagues such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and many women football matches. When it comes to the coolest sports games to play today, football is also a particular category with various exciting games. Before taking the plunge in this fantastic sport, you might want to know some interesting, fun facts about football.

1. Soccer fun facts

  • The origin of soccer

As we might know, soccer originated in England. But, some historians suggest that the origin of soccer dates back over 2000 years and involves various countries such as China, Greek, Egypt. At this time, people coming from these countries played games involving a ball and feet. Players had to use their hands, feet, or a stick to control the ball. In Roman times, there was a game called Harpastum. In this game, two teams tried to possess a small ball as long as possible. However, it’s said that this game is more similar to rugby than modern soccer.

Thanks to British sailors, traders, and soldiers, soccer was introduced to different parts of the world. This fact is widely recognized, even though FIFA claims that there are no connections between the origin of this game and Europe.

Asian women's football: deserves being heroics

When defender Saki Kumagai made the 11th minute decision and completed Japan’s incredible retrograde against the American team in the 2011 World Cup final, she not only wrote a new chapter for Japanese football but also gave world women’s football.

With that victory, Japan became the first country that surpassed all Germany, Norway or the United States to win a grand prize since these events took place in 1991.

Speaking of women’s football, the world may only notice Germany, the United States, Norway and Brazil, the teams that won 23 of the 27 first, second and third places at the Olympic and World Cup for women football from 1991 to 2008. Comparatively, in the recent 6 World Cups of men’s football, 10 different teams have been in the Top 3.

Asian women's football: deserves being heroics

However, in the 2011 World Cup, the rest of the world seems to have caught up with the top teams. To see more clearly, in the 2011 World Cup, the average difference in matches is only 1.5 goals, the lowest in the World Cup history until the 2015 World Cup. When the women football’s World Cup expanded to 16 teams in 1999, the average goal difference was reduced sharply and the number of unexpected results increased.

This change certainly has a significant contribution from Japan and other Asian teams. This is a little doubt because for a long time, Asia is still considered a low-lying area on the world’s women football ma. Remember in the 2014 World Cup, 4 teams of Iran, Japan, South Korea and Australia did not win a match and were at the bottom of the group stage. A year later at the Women’s World Cup, all five teams had at least one win, in which Thailand was the only team that did not qualify for the knockout round.

Bóng đá nữ thế giới: Những cô nàng thất thường như thời tiết

Number 1 wobbles

Since women’s football has been recognized as a competitive sport about 25 years ago, no country has been as successful as the United States, which has won four of the five Olympic gold medals and two championships. World Cup.

However, as the gap between the US and other teams gradually narrowed, the championship became more and more difficult for them. In fact, America has not won a World Cup title since 1999 and this year, they are not even considered the brightest candidates. That role was for Germany, the team eventually losing to the Americans in the semifinals. However, that victory did not make American girls optimistic and hoped that their 16-year wait would be over in Canada.

“We have not won anything yet,” said striker Abby Wambach, who has made four World Cup appearances and is the number one player in American football history with 183 goals in 247 international matches. “I know defeating Germany is worth celebrating but we still haven’t won the World Cup …”

Wambach’s cautiousness is not redundant because the World Cup 2015 brings to the American team both worries and satisfaction. For years, American football has grown steadily. At the international level, American players outperform their opponents physically and technically. The thing is, sports are not so simple, while Americans are weak in terms of tactics and defense. Therefore, passing the group stage, defeating China and Germany did not say that they would win against Japan and end the title thirst for long since the 1999 final against China on the packed Rose Bowl 90,185. fake.

That will be the shadow that Wambach and his comrades need to escape, so they can stand on par with Mia Hamm and the seniors of the time. There is no denying that American football is the strongest in the world when they have never been lower than the 3rd place in the 12 World Cups and the Olympic Games but surprisingly, for the past 16 years, they have not yet reached a victory.

The world has changed

The most noticeable change since 1999 is the tournament. In that summer’s World Cup, Japan had to pick up the ball 10 times (scoring 1 goal) in just 3 matches but this summer, they came to Canada as defending champions. France did not make it to the qualifying rounds in four of the first five World Cups and now, they are third in the world after Germany and the US.

Likewise, the first time the England team reached the semi-finals, before losing to Japan because of the counter-kick at the last minute. Or 12 years ago, Colombia had won 12 goals in a regional match and now, they have created one of the biggest surprises of the World Cup when defeating France. Meanwhile, for the first time this summer, Cameroon became the first African team after 16 years to overcome the group stage.

These changes may not appear if FIFA does not recognize the development of women’s football and decided to raise the number of participating teams from 16 to 24 this year. While the expansion of the tournament is easy to create disparity matches, such as Germany defeating Ivory Coast 10-0, it also paved the way for teams with traditional male football such as Spain and the Netherlands. for the first time.

“Women’s football has exploded all over the world,” said Briana Scurry, the goalkeeper of the American team in 1999. And the German coach, Silvia Neid, commented, “Women’s football has grown strongly. The more technical players hours, get better workout. The matches become faster ”.

The challenge for Americans is therefore greater and to maintain their position, they realize that developing players is not only through national youth teams but also through the national women’s football championship. (NWSL) started the third season, following the defeat of the Soccer Association Women’s United Awards (2001-03) and Women’s Professional Soccer (2009-11).

In addition, the US Football Federation (USSF) has joined with Canada and Mexico to sponsor the NWSL by paying important players (other players and foreign players by the club). In fact, among the 23 players of the US team to attend the World Cup, except for Wambach, they are all members of the NWSL clubs.

Even so, as Sky Blue FC of coach Jim Gabarra said, American women’s football is still behind men’s football, which is a US Major (MLS) award for 10-15 years. Therefore, USSF and NWSL officials hope the success of the national team in the World Cup will create a fever for American football, as well as to affirm that in the overall development of women’s football gender, Americans are still No. 1.